About Sqarfette®

Sqarfette®, which transforms any scarf into a fashion accessory, was born from opportunity, curiosity, and a desire to help any woman feel effortlessly fashionable. As a civil engineer with a love of fashion, I created Sqarfette® because my friends always asked me for fashion-forward ways to wear their scarves that also complimented their personal style and were functional for everyday wear.

About The Owner

As a civil engineer and a natural problem solver, Sqarfette® is an extension of my passion to create beautiful, wearable art. I designed the shape to capture the spirit of femininity and elevate personal style to draw compliments and still keep women warm. Additionally, I wanted women to embrace the idea that wearing a scarf could be effortless and beautiful without complicated instructions. Sqarfette® uses a unique and trademarked system to secure a scarf around your neck, making any outfit look instantly stylish. Sqarfette® is so simple to use that anyone, from a budding fashion-conscious teenager to an on-the-go executive or a retired grandmother, can use it with any scarf already in their closet.